Do you have a requirement that needs a finishing solution and you don’t know where to start? Perhaps you just want to make the process more efficient or improve on the finishing solution?

Call us. That is what we are here for. Let us help you to find that solution. Let’s make the process as easy as possible at the lowest possible cost. PPT will work with you selecting the best tools and process.

We do what our competitors don’t do. We pride ourselves on our reputation of best customer service, providing high quality tools and equipment for finishing and polishing as well as deburring applications.

We urge you to call us @ 920-262-2060 or email Please provide us with your application requirements and include the following in order for us to assist you:

  • Material
  • Material hardness
  • Prior finishing process ( milled, ground, diecast, etc )
  • Starting surface finish
  • Production requirement
  • New project or existing
  • Please tell us a little about the project and your objectives.

Let’s discuss your requirements. Let’s find a way to get it done. We look forward to hearing from you.


Professional Polishing Tools maintains a service and repair department for all of the power tools that we sell. This includes all Minimo hand pieces and power packs, PBAX Die Profiler, Foredom motors, Laptron and Gous Ultrasonic polishing systems and the SW-V02 Micro tig welding machine.

We are the authorized sales and service provider for Minitor Co. in North America with factory trained technician who is an expert in the repairs of all micro motors, heads and power packs, including the Polytor ultrasonic system.

Also PPT are the north American sales and service center for all Sanwa Shoko ultrasonic and micro-tig welding system utilizing a factory trained technician for the repairs and applications.

Should you experience a problem with any of the listed equipment, please feel free to call our technical department for assistance in resolving the issue.

If you are unable to resolve an issue, please send the product to us for a quote or if under warranty, for repair or replacement.


Should you require a parts list or a repair part for any of our power tools, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to send assist you with this. PPT does maintain an inventory of the most critical parts for most of the power tools.