Disposable Microfiber Cloth 12″ X 12″


  • The Power Of Microfiber Conveniently Constructed For Industrial Settings.
  • Keeping Your Work Environment Clean and Safe – effectively lifts oils, greases, and chemical spills instantly. Cheap enough for one time use!
  • Stop Cleaning With Dirty Rags – let the amazing power of microfiber take care of your unplanned messes and spills.
  • Always Clean With Something Fresh – Use a brand new microfiber cloth wipe for all haphazard and accidental spills.
  • Save Money Without Ruining Your Towels – strong enough to act as an effective drying towel, but inexpensive enough to take the place of your paper towels.
  • Unmatched Strength For A Disposable Towel – Lint Free, able to rewash and reuse without fraying, just wash thoroughly.
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