Tool Holders & Tools

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Tool up the Minimo Recipron or Rubron with these unique tool holders and tools. Abrasive strips for sanding, deburring, shaping and grinding held on a special acrylic tool holder that attaches to either Minimo Recipron or Rubron. These tool holders and tool can be used with PBAX, DME or Diprofil profile machines. Can also be used with the Turbo Lap.
Also for holding ceramic stones, lapping sticks and polishing stones, Minimo stone and stick holder use a clever way of securing tools to the tool holder by way of shrink tubing. Simply install the tool onto the tool holder then slip the shrink tube over the tool and tool holder then apply heat with a heat gun until the tube has completely shrunk and the tool is secured.
These tools and tool holders allow for flexibility and adaptation for any task.