Foredom Flex-Shaft Motors

Which FOREDOM® is Right for Me? Answer: 80% of our customers should use a Series SR.
Many customers find our motor selection overwhelming and look for guidance. Our best advice is to select a model within the Series SR. The 1/6 horsepower Series SR offers all of the power and speed needed to accomplish most every job. It runs in both forward and reverse at speeds up to 18,000 RPM. Keep in mind that we rate our motors at continuous duty or maximum efficiency and NOT maximum output. If we adopted the max output rating used by other manufacturers, the Series SR would qualify as 1/5 HP or 1/4HP.

What’s a Motor Series? Series SR, Series TX, Series LX consist of three styles of motors: 1. Hang-Up, 2. Bench, 3. Bench with Built-in Speed Control and three styles of speed controls: 1. Foot operated in plastic housing, 2. Foot operated in metal housing, 3. Table-top dial operated in plastic housing. Each of the motor-speed control combinations carries a Two Year Limited Warranty. Note that a complete flexible shaft machine requires a handpiece, which comes separately.
Our most popular motor-speed control combination is the M.SR Hang-Up Style Motor with the C.FCT-1 Foot Operated Speed Control in plastic housing.

Series SR motors come in 115 Volt for use in the USA and 230 Volt for use overseas. Series SR and all other Foredom motors can be outfitted with square drive shafting. We call these models “Heavy Duty” and use the letter “H” in their part number. Most people do NOT need a heavy duty model. See More About Heavy Duty Models below.

New to Foredom? The easiest and most economical way to get started is with a Flex Shaft Tool Kit which includes everything you need to get to work- motor, speed control, handpiece and accessories. Our newest kits even come with motor hangers!

Specialized Motors- Some of our customers have specialized needs/jobs and Foredom makes motors that meet their requirements. Series TX motors are 1/3HP and their extra power/torque at speeds up to 15,000 RPM make them great for more demanding work like hogging out large quantities of wood or porting engines. Series LX motors have extra torque from 500 RPM to max speed of to 5,000 RPM and are designed for drilling, wax modeling, and other slow speed applications. The PowerGraver is a dedicated system for engraving, stone setting and other hammering work.

More About Heavy Duty Models- A common mistake made by customers who are upgrading from hand-held grinders to a Foredom is to select a “heavy duty” rather than standard model. Fact is, Foredom motors are built to industrial specifications and meet or exceed most performance expectations. Our standard models are a major step up from Dremel® and other consumer driven brands. Heavy Duty versions of Foredom motors (M.SRH, M.TXH, etc.) are exactly the same as the standard models, but come equipped with square drive inner shafts and longer outer sheaths in place of the standard key tip versions. Heavy duty shafting is stiffer and less versatile since it works with only 4 square drive style handpieces. Select a heavy duty model ONLY if you expect to work on over-sized projects involving very hard to work with and challenging materials.