Minitor Sentan Tool

Minitor SENTAN TOOL is the culmination of years of devotion to supplying high quality precision tools. With approximately 5000 items available, SENTAN TOOL offers one the most comprehensive selections of tools for deburring, grinding, polishing, buffing, filing, drilling and etc.
Selections of diamond files, polishing paper, polishing stones, wood laps, felt wheel and felt bobs, burrs, miniature diamond mounted tools and much more to get you where you need to be with your project.

Grab a cup of coffee, sit down then browse the comprehensive  list of these high quality tools. Mintor Senan Tool includes many items that are unique and cannot be found elsewhere. Huge selection of precision miniture drills, mounted points, metal working and dental burrs. All rotary tools are supplied with metric shanks.

Please watch for new items and if there are any tools that you reqquire and can’t find here, please call or email us.