Minimo Complete hand pieces Listing

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Processing of a variety of different components with varying materials and hardness can be a challenge with out the proper tools and accessories.
Minimo full comprehensive line of precision power tools and combined with Sentan tool will meet or exceed your requirements to complete the job expertly and efficiently.
Look here for Minimo Standard hand pieces, 8 variations of speed available. Minimo Slender hand piece used with higher speeds for more detailed work. For work where angle heads are needed, check out the Minimo Anglon line of standard and heavy duty angle head hand pieces. Again with a variable combinations of speeds and torque.
For those tough jobs call for the MInimo Heavy duty hand pieces. Designed just like all of the Minimo tool, the quick change collet will allow to change tools at a twist of the front of the head release the tool and turning it back will lock the new tool in,
For filing and shaping, the Minimo Rubron and Recipron will do the job on hand,
The featured on/off switch on all the minimo handpieces allows for a smooth and efficient process.