Micro-Tig Welding Accessories

Mold, die and tool welding requires the skill of an experienced technician. A person who is knowledgeable of the tool and it’s material and how a weld will process.
The proper tools are necessary also to complete the job with flawless results.
You can count on our high quality filler wire for your micro-tig welding task.

PPT offers a comprehensive selection of tool steel, stainless, titanium and copper/brass micro filler wire. Sizes range from .005″ to .035″ diameter. .005″ and .007″ X 9″ long and are packaged 25 pieces per pack.
.010 and larger diameters are 18″ long and also packaged 25 pieces per pack.
They wrapped in oil paper and packed in PVC tubes. Then the tubes are sealed in argon purged foil.
Certificates of conformity are available for all our wire.
We also offer wire spools and other wire not listed. Please call or email us for a quote.

Tig torch tungsten tips need to remain sharp at all times to maintain a good weld. Having a portable tungsten grinder on hand will enable you to save time by sharpening them right at your work bench. We have several models available.

PPT offers our magnetic base stereo microscope that can be used on large molds, dies or tools where portability is required. The 10X microscope comes with a magnetic base, flexible mounting rod and a 2 axis adjustment. As an option, a automatic shade lens is available.

We also offer a dual arm fiber optic light source that will power up to 150 watts with flexible arms.

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