Diamond Plated Files

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Professional Polishing Tools offers diamond plated files in a vast selection of shapes, type and grit sizes for use by hand or with any die profiling machine. To meet your needs we offer ECONOMY files and PREMIUM diamond plated files.Use diamond files on most any material, however ideal for hardened steel, ceramics, carbide, etc. File slots, edges, shape, sharpen and for an unlimited number of applications.
Diamond plated files are made of specially treated steel blanks that make them durable and flexible. The diamond particles are electroplated using a nickle matrix, distributing a single layer of diamond evenly on the defined area of the file. Should you require assistance selecting the proper file, please feel free to let us know. Our ECONOMY files can also be ordered with optional grit sizes or we can quote special files to your specifications. Please call  ( 920-262-2060 )to discuss your requirements or email us @ sales@pro-polishing-tools.com.