Diamond Compound

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Showing all 3 results

Professional Polishing Tools Offers high quality diamond compounds that delivers excellent and consistent results. Formulated for professional performance on hardened tools steels, carbide, aluminum, and other materials. All our formulations consist of medium or high concentration, micronized manufactured diamonds. To meet your requirements, there are 3 types of formulations available:

Oil Soluble – formulated for compatibility in applications where petroleum distillates are used. These slurries/suspensions offer higher surface finish.

Universal – formulated for compatibility with most petroleum distillate applications as well as water extender applications. They offer quick, easy cleanup without sacrificing surface finish.

Water Soluble – formulated for ease of use in lapping and polishing systems where fast removal rates with high surface finishes are required. They are water soluble, so no harsh chemicals are needed for clean up.

All of the PPT diamond compounds are in packaging sizes of 10 and 20 gram syringes and 100 gram jars, or as an option can be supplied in bulk containers or other packaging on request.